when smart kids say dumb shit

Saturday, September 24, 2005

screw the "im a brother here" line

at a capella auditions

09 boy: maaan, all id have to do is say i sing a capella and id get so much pussy.

yea and then groove to some bitchin tunes

09 boy (to 08 girl he does not know): oh sweet ok so when you see phil tell him there are jello shots at chi gam!

yea and guess what else only has 70 cal a load?

drunk girl: ok, so who wants me to spray whipped cream in their mouth?
drunk girl: oh cmon guys! dont worry! its totally low cal!

she clearly went to the same med school as dr. phil

girl: yea man. when you have different sized boobs, it means you have the clap. its like a totally dead give away.

budlight presents: real students of genius

08 girl: you know, when i drink budlight...i like pee budlight

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

burning in heaven

oh OH. look whos back?!