when smart kids say dumb shit

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

would you like some ivy with that whine?

girl (about the crappy dorm room drawers): this is bullshit! im NOT AT BU!

What Would Freud Say?

(Through blitz)

Girl Composer: ...haha, that or I'm gonna end up sleeping with my boss at home...

Girl Recipient: uh... aren't you working for your dad?

a girl's best friend...

08 girl: like i dont want to makeout with him. i just want put him on a leash and walk him around.

how utterly profound

girl (to classmate): yea well i put an esoteric joke in my paper

classmate: oh really?

girl: yea, but im the only one who will get it

The Imperialism Effect

Indian Student (to white student): Do you think our relationship is based on a post-colonialism inferiority complex on my part?

Study Break

everyone has been mumbling recently which makes life a lot more boring.

so while you wait for someone to say something absurd, may i suggest watching the construction outside novak?
there are trucks and big piles of rocks and dirt and of course a whole number of construction workers worthy of any desperate sexual fantasy. if this campus really needed another place reeling with overinflated testosterone.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Almost Legal

Girl(to girls who are obviously still in high school): Do you guys go to school here?
High School Girl: Umm... yeah... no.
Girl: So how old are you guys?
High School Girl: 18... almost.

The Aggressive Pacifist

Frat Brother: I'm a pacifist now.
Girl: Didn't you almost get in a fight with that kid?
Frat Brother: But I didn't, did I? See, pacifism!

thank god for the men's swim team

care package card:

roses are red
violets are blue
(we love you)

Sunday, May 29, 2005

05s really are the new 08s

style props to the 05 chi gam whos sporting the choates shirt from yesterdays all freshman bbq.

and absolutely nothing to the representatives from sae for their bee suit antics in novak. those went out when shannon hoon died.
if youre going to do anything, grow some balls and take your clothes off.

Smooth Talker

Frat Brother (to 08 girl): I can talk the Committee of Standards out of their britches... you better be careful, baby, I can talk you out of yours, too.

what a long strange trip its been

uga: "ok so then you take your stuff over to little...and it's really important..."

resident: "viv why are you yelling?"


up and running